Copyright Nucleus CMS v3. Comes with a charging head European that plugs into the wall, cable, magnetic head that goes to your battery. Velocity is calculated based on the slope of the altitude graph. Right in front of you! Precision The precise acquisition of data is also at places with a faint satellite signal possible.

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It’s also the perfect tool to have if rules dictate you cannot have a data acquisition system plugged into the cars electronics such as SCCA showroom stock.


If your sim familiar with the AIM software that’s great, but if you’re not, it’s not the most user friendly, although I can manage with it. SportsAgenda This software gives the opportunity to analyze data of individual runs as well as the complete sport season.

As long as it is an outdoor track, it should be fine. Entacore Hosting Home Contact Us. Mytacn My Tach attaches to your wrist like a watch although it is pretty bulky, bigger then most gps sports watches designed for running I’ve seen but it works.

Aim Mychrons

If you dont know your “bootloader” version, just select the latest version and the software will tell you if you have an older bootloader. Battery input from 3. There are four main measures that the My Tach logs that are helpful for racing applications – position, speed, longitudinal acceleration and latitudinal acceleration.


Free custom designed software for downloading data and chaning settings. Time delay options on both lines for redundancy and other special requirements.

Version Date Software History new 1. Browse Related Browse Related. Do you think it would work? Minimum battery voltage alarm settings.

Completely self powered when connecting to a PC or laptop. Thanks to its integrated GPS receiver a variety of data can be sampled, then be downloaded onto the PC and there be analyzed with special software from AIM. Number of uab and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. Skip to main content. VAT plus package and delivery.

AIM MyTach GPS watch – memotec Messtechnik

If you’ve never looked at any data acquisition before, it may take some time to draw any meaningful conclusions form the data I’m definitely still learningbut I do definitely think it can help. Wide Display – Multicolor Backlight. Analysis of the performance performance parabola. Data stored at 0.

MyChron5 has been designed to provide either basic info to newbies and the most sophisticated data to karting professionals. Below is an example of this which shows the precision of the GPS. Please look at pictures. Below is a screenshot of the Race Studio software with an overlay of two laps run in rental karts at the Summit Point Kart track.


I’ll say it is nice tool to have and well worth the money for me. I’d like to use it for karting, but we race on a small course with lanes close to each other.

I’ve also used it a few times for running and it’s a cool tool to have for that too, although I haven’t used comperable units designed specifically for running to compare. Copyright Nucleus CMS v3.

High performance HDMI cable / USB cable / LAN cable

Standard scope of delivery. Aim Mychron Power cable For use on Mychron 4 and 5 models Keeps from having to replace or recharge the battery on guage Connects mytqch an external 12v battery as used in TAG style karts.

Logger only with battery. Because software changes can lead to different behaviour, we have to make sure you get the correct manual corrosponding to the firmware loaded onto mytac device. Data output status continuity battery voltage temperature Ejection settings Apogee Time Accent altitude Decent altitude Peak velocity Peak velocity ejection option great for staging!