There’s no recording scheduled — Did you attach the video sources to the recorders AND then run mythfilldatabase? An example of the ifcfg-ctn0 file is below:. It won’t be present on recorded videos. You’ll want to now enter MythTV’s setup. Then click “Set Channel.

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If you look down the page, about half way you will see a heading labeled Card Applications. The machine detects the ctn0 but does not assign an IP to the card. See notes under Discussion for this page. Four tuners might not be enough for you — it isn’t for us — so we added a dual ATSC tuner to the mix.

You’ll have to set this up as well before you can use the integrated browser functionality more on that below. The best full-frame mirrorless camera for video.

They said it was mistakenly set up for a set-top box. When I was using MythTV 0. One test we can’t wait to do is to see if we can get a TiVo owner to switch.

InfiniTV 4 USB – Ceton

Select a channel in infinihv drop-down: The internal ATI card install was actually more difficult because it relies on an internal USB connector and a wire for power. It won’t be present on recorded videos. You should exit out of mythtv-setup and run:. You’ll also need to create a Video Source just one. The good news is the FCC recognizes that they don’t work and already has plans to require an alternative based on IPwhich will hopefully be deployed by this Fall.


If you’re running Ubuntu, this is an add-on package that won’t convert your entire system to a new distro. We don’t review many HTPC tuners around here because honestly they usually cetom that interesting; you plug them xeton and they either work or they don’t, what else is there to really say about ’em?

Notice the CCI is set to Copy Freely 0x00 and the next is so you can look at each of the four tuners. If you’re running Mythbuntu, this should already be installed. Ronald Frazier has graciously spend the time to create a patch for 0.

Ceton InfiniTV 4 PCIe – 4-channel Cable TV Tuner Card for CableCARD

The only limitation that is not imposed by others, is the lack of an analog tuner. So while there’s lots of testing left to be done, we’re going to go ahead and call this one right now. I had bad luck trying to forge ahead without pulling channels at this point, and nifinitv you’re a novice at this, it will make things more confusing.

Building OSS is beyond the scope of this article since it can be a very different process on any given Linux distro.

Your video source, in the United States, is probably “us-cable”. The helpful Ceton support crew really came though and discovered that MoCA traffic on channel Mhz was the culprit. You interface with it via a web browser, much like a home router.

It should be noted that as with all drivers compiled against kernel headers, updating the kernel will require you to rebuild the driver again using the same instructions as the original installation.


I have made an RC script that I use on Ubuntu From around the web. This is especially true when you consider how difficult it’s been for HTPC fans to record premium content until now.

See also Channel tuning. A fork of the manufacturer’s drivers are available on GitHub which has been tested to compile on kernels up to version 4. Luckily our provider, FiOS TV, doesn’t pair the CableCARD to the tuner, so we literally just pop’d it in and ran TV Setup — even if it did have to re-pair the card, we bet we’d be able to convince a tech support person to do it over the phone. You can even set tuner priorities per channel, which works great for combining CableCARD tuners with clear QAM because you can set the clear QAM tuner to a higher priority on the select few channels that are sent in the clear.

I can’t hear anything but I can see a picture — Video and audio come over the same MPEG feed out of your player, so it’s going to be something dumb like the volume not up on your MythTV machine or in mplayer itself.