Once the installation is completed, click Finish. Discover the magic of the Internet. Its a painstaking process though and you will spend nights trying to hit gold. I’ll try checking the net again. I have been trying to set up mythtv under ubuntu I did notice that as well. Results 1 – 48 of

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It worked fine later on. Firstly I did install the linux firmware nonfree yesterday, I did check again in the package manager and the checkbox is green. Either way around, at least you’ve ID’d the card. And also depending on hardware available for testing.

Ambient creatix v 90 ham data fax voice modem driver – File size: If you can’t find it then check that you have ‘restricted’ and ‘multiverse’ repositories enabled in your sources list. Thanks for the perastikos link, i have to definitely try that out, though i never wanted to record tv hence i use tvtime. Once the installation is completed, click Finish.

Here is a similar bug https: I’m afraid I’m not familiar with using tv tuners on a PC, so I’ve really exhausted what I could search for for you. In kev’s case filing a bug will greatly enhance his chances of getting it supported in the next kernels. Results 1 – 6 of 6. We will find any device driver on the planet and we do it all for free.


It seems the driver you would need does not compile on newer kernels. Sorry to say it, kevsimo, but it looks to me like you should wrap that card up in gift wrapping paper and give it to someone who creatiz Windows. Mmmh, you can take it that way if you like. Are you using a digital tv broadcast? Download the latest driver for Creatix V.

Modem – Creatix Polymedia GmbH – Creatix V.9X DSP Data Fax Modem Computer Driver Updates

Running the polymdeia file will extract all the driver files and setup program into a directory on your hard drive. Put in the CD with the driver when Windows 9x asks for it and follow the instructions on the screen Download drivers Modems Creatix ambient technoligies creatix v90 HaM.

I got the sense from that thread that they were tuning it via terminal maybe having it scan the channelsplease tell me: Well, dmesg lists out a bunch of info for a tuner and it also includes actual info on how to do trial and error tuning assigning different tuner numbers until you find something in case the eeprom on a tuner is missing.


Thanks Richie, I hope I’m not being too informal ; I took rceatix look at linuxtv. However, I did not find a driver yet. I have an saa card so thought i could pitch in.

Microsoft Update Catalog

I also have an Ambient Creatix V. Philips Semiconductors Device [ ALso, try contacting Creatix support to see if they know polynedia anyone has a linux driver for the not the at support creatix. Neceisto driver ambient creatix v. Download this Creatix Modems device driver, then follow the procedure below.

And is your card capable of playing digital broadcasts?

The PCI ID Repository

I’ll try checking the net again. Is that how you have to tune it once it’s got a channel list? However, automatically running setup can be unchecked at the time of extracting the driver polymsdia. Ill leave the thread to you guys.