Mine’s not currently on my board, as I am in another experimental phase, but it’s definitely one of my all time favorite pedals. I have it directly behind my Boss CS3, it is a little noisey with the comp and I’m going to need to get a noise gate to put after my OD and distortion, but I’ve had a lot of tone geeks complament my sound. If you crank the gain, you’re not gonna like it. Sounds great for classic rock and modern country. If it’s an original you’ll likely be able to get much more that you paid for it.

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Below that you can get a great sound. FaraldiJan 26, The SD-1 and Bad Monkey sound a bit better, but both have buffered bypass. Don’t like the Guv’nor huh?

I don’t have any experience with the Boss OD, but maybe if I’m happy with the Delta Labs I’ll be blown away by the Boss, but for the money, t’s great and I would replace it immediately if it were lost or stolen. They’re cheap and sound ok, I can’t imagine it being anything but downgrade from the Guv’nor. Plus, some SD-1’s have a bleed-through problem, that lets some of the overdriven signal pass even when the pedal is off. To get real dirty I then add a tubescreamer or big muff in line before the lpb That’s a pretty hyped pedal.


Anyone have any experience with this pedal? Log in or Sign up. In my live set it’s on for about 3 or 4 songs out of an 18 song set when I need a quieter driven sound, maybe use it a little more than that for a little something extra on a lead part, but only if the band is really crankin’.

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Jan 26, 2. I played around with one when they first came out. Excellent bang for the buck as far as I am concerned. Jan 26, seltalab.

When I play live I’m wireless, so it’s not much of a problem, but in rehearsal if I so much as move 3 inches and my guitar cable bumps the nobs it will mess it all up. May 21, 6. JakedogMay 21, In rehearsal though, we like to keep rehearsing volume very low and I use this pedal a lot.

Delta lab td1 tube driver: Like others mentioned it’s just a matter of dialing in tv you like. I am far from professional, I just play around the house but I dig my TD1.


If you feel so inclined the pedal is also a great platform for modding. The CC gets bright and raspy, but has more available gain.

But used more dltalab a boost, it’s one of the best IMO. May 21, 8. I actually sold my Fulldrive because of this pedal.

seltalab To get more overdrive, I kick in the lpb May 21, 9. Jan 27, 4. For example, through my blues junior I’ll set volume and master at 6 12 o’clock so that I get a good mild overdrive when I dig in, then roll back the guitar’s volume control to clean it up.

I agree with Nash.