I installed the driver but AppLoader can not connect. Would you like to restore it? The E as well as the E variant used on the ill-fated Amp’d Mobile network both suffered from flawed internal battery charger software causing difficulties in charging the phone’s battery. Can you please help me out with some drivers or how I should get it to connect to the computer. Members 39, Members 2 Online:

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Other products and brand names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. Try to find a serial cable. Verizon Wireless has stated the reason for the restriction on uploads is a precaution against a subscriber uploading malware to their phone.

Would you like to restore it? Members 39, Members 2 Online: I don’t have a serial cable Does anyone know where I can find them? Motorola E USB drivers? The Motorola E is the successor to the V Views Read Edit View history.

Phone owners have also found a way to put ringtones on the phone using a transflash card. As a result, users had to resort to external battery chargers in order to continue to use the phone due to the internal charger’s growing inability to function over time.


Motorola E815

Bell Mobility Canada has also been known to disable EV-DO functionality of the phone on their network, and there is currently no way to circumvent this block.

I’m having some trouble with getting ringers and such from my computer to my usg phone using a data cable and was wondering if someone could help!? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

One of the most criticised restrictions imposed on the Verizon version of the E is the obscurity and deliberate lack of any documented explanation of how to upload one’s own custom ringtones to the handset. Google doesn’t return anything useful. The E is known for having superb reception and has received a warm welcome from many phone enthusiasts disappointed with the shortcomings of the V I’m having trouble connecting the new Motorola E to the AppLoader.

The complete Motorola E list of specifications are: I recently bought 2 motorola e and Ksb can get one of them to work using the motorola phone tools software I bought from Ebay but when I tried the other one it didn’t seem to work.

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I am using a USB cable. Here’s the download link http: There both the same exact phone except one is through Alltel and one Verizon. It includes the following features:.


Retrieved from ” https: However, it is now old and outdated. Another restriction applied to this phone by all carriers is the inability to use QNC data, which was still and may still be the only data service available in some areas of the country and this is usually not brought up when people purchase this handset. For those who do not have an unlimited picture messaging plan, there is a small fee for the upload, but it’s considerably less than purchasing a ringtone.

I have three E and serial cable works just fine on them. This page was last edited on 6 Februaryat A more cynical view might be that Verizon wishes subscribers to purchase ringtones from their “Get It Now” service.

Are you sure the device was flashed with the required flex files for cable-loading? I installed the driver but AppLoader can not connect.