You see this screen: I realize the R replaced it, but if anyone asked, I would heartily recommend the R Related Question I suspect this will be a tricky one! The only problem Epson printers eventually have are paper feed ones, and once they start it’s usually terminal – if you manage to fix this one there will another one along shortly. Turn off the mirror setting in your application program. The front manual feed slot is open, but no paper is loaded.

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Close the front manual feed slot by pushing it. If the test page prints, the problem probably lies in your software settings, the cable, or your computer. The printer could not feed the paper. See page 23 Windows or page 31 Macintosh.

Solving Problems

What do these cleaning sheets look like, the extra sheets in Epson packs just seem to be for protection? Output Options Clear the Save as file check box when you want to print.

The ink cartridges may be old or low on ink. Double-sided printing has been performed, and the printer could not feed the paper correctly.


Certainly worth trying before you give up and throw mmanual the printer.

If necessary, open the top cover, and remove the jammed paper. A non-genuine Epson maintenance cartridge is installed. The expiration date appears on the ink cartridge label.

Epson Stylus Photo R800 User Manual

If the Head Cleaning utility does not work, replace the ink cartridges. An unknown printer error has occurred. If they need improvement, select. Make sure the paper is not too thick or too thin. Do one of the following: Page Epson requires a debit or a credit card number to secure the cost of the replacement printer in the event that you fail to return the defective one. If you would like this driver e-mailed to you, send me an e-mail to my “junkmail” account asking for it include this documentation so I know what you want and I will send it.

I finally learned the “trick”. Remove the ink cartridge, and install the ink cartridge with the correct product code. About Exif Print Your printer driver runs your printer and lets you control how your documents look.

Printer buttons Button Uses P power The printer prints and examines the nozzle check pattern shown below. Use any of the available editing features. You cannot shut off the color management completely! You must use the Epson maintenance cartridge designed for your printer. But I doubt it will work under Vista.


When paper loaded from the rear manual feed slot is jammed. In the worst case I have used belt dressing and then alcohol to clean most of it off.

Summary is the standard feature of Mac OS X. Print Quality Select the printing quality that manua want to use for printing. Select Portrait as the Orientation. Printer Problems Only the green P power light is on, but nothing prints.

If this happens, you can continue to print mankal Epson recommends that you stop and leave the printer on for about 30 minutes. Click the Maintenance tab and select Printer and Option Information.