If non of the above helps and you are still getting a error over the USB connection, then the problem could be due to USB signature changed on the phone when you run other applications that also use the USB port. You can also purchase by check and yes we do accept Purchase Order. Try to contact your ISP to see if there is an alternative SMTP server you can use which is not private, or you can access web mail through the browser if they provide one. This should fix the issue. You can refer to customizing PdaNet for more details. Both require you to use the “Advanced” settings to dial a persistent network entry.

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Treo Cingular user please download the latest refreshed build of version 3.

PdaNet+ Network Driver not installing

Why some images seem blurry on the web page when browsed through PdaNet? Nov 9, Messages: So whatever speed you are having is the maximum speed allowed by the device and your service. Try to follow instructions at the following site and see if it helps: Every machine has USB port. Preach2k Dec 28, at 7: Jan 25, Messages: To launch the connection simply broaadband the PdaNet icon on your Treo and tap on it with HotSync cable connected, of course.


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Also, don’t forget you are on a “wireless” network, just like cell phone static, actual signal ijstall can have a great impact on the connection speed. The wired-tether app works great! For most times it is simply a temporary service issue and the problem will go away by itself if you connect later.

One of our user posted a comparison chart for data plans provided by various cell phone services in the US as of Mar It will drop the active connection you just established and start the dialing.

If you are with Cingular, a lot of our users reported that the phone need to connect a few times with the error before it pdwnet finally go through.

God, this PDANet PC install is so aggravating 🙁

This time make sure you have chosen the Boot Driver during installation of PdaNet. This is due to the default connection settings in Internet Explorer, which you can customize easily.

The Sprint server you are connecting to tend to compress graphics going through the HTTP port pranet speed up downloading.

In the settings dialog, if you do not use the “Default Data Network”, you could be charged differently, click here for more details on customizing PdaNet to dial your own ISP. This is because the Network Interface create by PdaNet is not added on Mac automatically for some reason.

I really would appreciate the help, thanks! The dialup is completed and connection seems to be established, but when I open the browser I couldn’t browser any web pages. If you reinstall on the same PC, you should not need to enter your registration code again since it should be remembered on your machine. PdaNet uninstalls when the network driver doesn’t install so it is not in programs to give the ability to install Legacy USB driver. Each time I have attempted to install on the laptop the program installs, then the USB driver installs with no problem but I get a failure on the network driver: The code for PdaNet won’t be accepted by PdaReach.


PdaNet+ Network Driver not installing – PdaNet+ | Android Forums

You can also purchase by check and yes we do broadnand Purchase Order. PDA shuts the screen off after 3 minutes and disconnect. You can try to see if this actually helps. If you are a registered user you won’t lose your registration.

So for Cingular user just keep trying. Now connect PdaNet and see if it works better this time. Right click on it and select “Uninstall”.

How to install and setup PdaNet?