Navigator objects have a displayed property that indicates whether the element is visible to the user or not. This value can come from configuration or can be explicitly set on the browser. Defaults Defaults can be specified via: Fix a bug that caused reports for all but the last executed test class in TestNG integration to be wiped out. Spock is an innovative testing framework that is a great match for using with Geb. This can be done via the methods on the WebDriver instance obtainable via getDriver or by calling the delegating methods on the browser object. You can use the max function on Navigator instances….

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The report group The configuration mechanism allows you to specify the base reportsDir which is where reports are written to by default. The driver to use is specified by the config key driveror the system property geb.

Geb is free, open source software licensed under the Apache License, Version 2. Unfortunately, not many companies are actually embracing these tools quite yet.

You can then create a new navigator object that represents both the a and b paragraphs the following way:. WaitTimeoutException and gives you an informative message as to why the waiting failed. Support for using page instances together with frame switching methods.

Why Test Engineers Should Learn Geb and Spock

Line 19 shows another method that simple returns a value from a provided element. Improvements Support for selecting Edge as the browser using name in configuration.


For this kind of page, a list of modules can be collected using the moduleList methods of Navigator. Andrey Hitrin – Improvement to character replacing in report file names.

Reporting Geb includes a simple reporting mechanism which can be used to snapshot the state of the browser at any point in time. Added the heightwidthx and y webdrivfr to navigator objects and modules.

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You can compose content elements into a navigator in the following way: Finally, call perform to actually trigger the desired mouse or keyboard behavior: Your email address will not be published. Breaking changes isDisabled now throws UnsupportedOperationException if called on an EmptyNavigator or on a Navigator that contains anything else than a button, input, option, select or textarea.

For JUnit 3 this happens in the tearDown method in geb. Well not the whole body, the bits that do stuff. The argument can be of any type and will be coerced to a String if necessary. You can optionally pass additional configuration gdb by providing a Map to the create method as the last parameter. Clicking Navigator objects implement the click method, which will instruct the browser to click the sole element the navigator has matched.

It brings together the power of WebDriverthe elegance of jQuery content selection, the robustness of Page Object modelling and the expressiveness of the Groovy language. Fixes Allow access to module properties from its content block. When you want to perform web testing on multiple browsers and operating systems, it can be quite cs to maintain machines for each of the target environments.


The report String label browser method is replaced with a specialised version. The drive method always returns the browser object that was used, so if you need to quit the browser after the drive session you can do something like….

Geb vs. Sahi vs. Selenium-Webdriver » Quality Shepherd

Any content definitions that declare a wait parameter have implicit assertions added to each expression just like waitFor method calls. This transform is packaged as a separate JAR named geb-implicit-assertions.

Waiting Another place where implicit assertions are utilised is for waiting. You will usually call these methods on the module classes for specific control types and rarely use this module directly.

Migrated continuous integration build to Snap CI. There is no need to escape any of the strings used for url fragments as all the necessary escaping is performed by Geb. Currently, the build adapter can only influence the base URL to use, and the location of the reports directory.

It does however provide a method that you can call to do this.