There is absolutely no solicitation. We’re a 2 parent single child family. Lastly, because of past business dealing I maintain all written records and documentation from GEICO, which outlines the aforementioned. You slamming probably one of the best companies shows what kind of company you work for and the integrity of you as an agent and the knuclehead who commented before you. This is my daughter not hers. Again, I explained that I wanted a quote and that my son did not reside with me, and again I was asked to provide proof.

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If your agent can’t clearly explain this, it’s excludef to switch to an independent with competent agents. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Police determined the operator of the car to be at fault.

No guarantees are made as to the accuracy of the information on this site or the appropriateness of any advice to your particular situation. Contact the insurance company and fill out a driver exclusion form.

Drivers who qualify for the good-driver discount get rates at least 20 percent lower than those who do not qualify for the discount. She points out that California has a good-driver discount, which can save you big money with the best auto insurance companies.

The cost to Geico, my patronage.


We appreciate the honesty, however this check is hardly worth taking to the bank.???? Wish that the sitcom based on those ad spots would have worked out, there was a lot of potential exclude but they just tried too hard.

Is switching to geico worth it? Very very few companies will exclude a spouse. However, I only requested a quote. My girlfriend and I split all the bills, I care for my kids and she cares for hers and my kid is not her responsibility.

See a price comparison for escluded carriers.

Why can I not remove my son from my auto insurance policy with Geico? | Ask An Agent

The work was minimal so the body shop didn’t require I pay the different but was going excluved attempt to litigate Geico for it. However, she is in the same state so I am stuck paying full freight.

It’s not always the insurance company that inserts exclusions into your policy. I did not agree to have my son added to my automobile policy, I simply requested a quote.

Why is there a pig in the Geico commercial? gecio

Here is what happens when a driver is excluded from an auto policy

This comment has been overwritten by an open source script to protect this user’s privacy. Geico doesn’t add kids on for money Want to add to the discussion? Exculded you post and are unable to see it, geoco contact the mods. Car insurance typically operates under a principle of “permissive use,” explains John Montevideo, past president of the Consumer Attorneys of California. I go through Esurance, and they gave me the option of either adding my husband, or excluding him, but getting umbrella coverage so that if he used my car, it would be covered.


I read where Warren Buffet stated that owning an insurance company was the best cash cow you could own. Some states allow exclusions but impose limitations on their use. I can get her off if I sign a “named driver exclusion” that essentially says she is specifically not covered if she drives my car.

I’m so sick of the stupid commercails with the caveman, reptile, and other stupid things this comp. Turns out my agent was correct and the bills went against our auto insurance policy. Many companies will do this. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Exclusions typically aren’t arbitrary. This tool looks for lower prices at other stores while you shop on Gecio and tells you where to buy.

Typically, only high-risk drivers wind up excluded from policies.