I just completed a rather challenging engine swap and without the Vantage Pro I never would have been able to troubleshoot any of the suspected problem systems. I would probably only need a scope once or twice a year. Strewth I’m not even on Facebook yet and never will be. Just a thought on a different path I would assume it’s scanning ability is limited to reading generic codes and would not contain the necessary software to interogate specific car systems? Scopes are only difficult to use until you play about with one. I did find a tear down including some technical information about the C there:.

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For a complete feature list, you can visit the manufacturers product pageand if you register, you can download the manual and software. You can contact us at: My current low level of experience says that I only need a basic scope 2 channel and an assortment of leads. Never heard of them before so I started to research.

I installed it on one of my small Atom based Acer Windows 7 Pro lab computers without any problem, however I hante, I need to find better USB drivers for the on-board hub.

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If your personal budget is such that a Vantage Pro is something you can consider, I say go for it! Log in Forgot your password? I have run out of time I will add more on this topic in a few hours. I certainly do agree with that! Comments and suggestions may reflect that. I bought my first scope last year.

I have bought his “book” and am considering signing up to his paid YouTube channel. It is a USB scope so is tied to using wth a Laptop or PC which might not be the easiest thing in a the paddock of a race track.


After a couple of hours the sky is the limit. The screen is not as big but looks fine. Like most Chinese made scopes I have used the Windows software leaves a lot to be desired it is tedious to use but it has a menu that offers pre-sets for most automotive tests and Y scale settings for most automotive probes.

I would assume there would be a yearly fee to access something like that? Otherwise I am lost You will spend way more than that on the probes, leads, and accessories that are need to make the scope useful.

I recommend you guys check out the Vantage Pro training series on ScannerDanner Premium if you haven’t already. As a scope, would something like this do pretty much everything that a 2 channel USB scope does?

Hantek 1008b 8ch 2.4msa/s Automotive Diagnostic Oscilloscope Generator V7x4

Secondly, and most relevant to this thread, is the fact that it is a 2 channel scope! It makes use of an amp clamp a no brainer operation. Same here but I watched Pauls, and every other one I could find, before I even bought the tool since that was how I made my final decision to buy it. The fact is, the capabilities of the scope itself will never in my lifetime be obsolete.

Alligator clip probe and supplied BNC connector — click on the image for a larger photo The Oscilloscope Software Hantek supplies a windows application for the series of USB oscilloscopes. Being in Australia, if I went down this handheld option, I would need something that had good European and Asian car info as US domestic cars are not sold here other than a few Jeeps.


Guide to Choosing a Scope on a Budget – ScannerDanner Forum – SCANNERDANNER

I have found that as a newbie to the scope world, it has been difficult to locate good comprehensive training sources. First and foremost is the Snap-On component troubleshooter. I had used old style scopes before to measure spark plug voltage but what really convinced me a scope was a go to tool was tracking down an ABS fault on car with active wheel bearings.

I believe Paul’s firmware was the base on which the AesWave uScope firmware was built. Just a thought on a different path FcFadyen seems to like them – any association with the brand? The cost was twice that of a Uscope but I got a two channel scope and the famous Snap-On troubleshooter hanek well. Two more BNC connectors, signal generator output, USB and optional power connectors on the back — hanteo on the image for a larger photo.

Have read varying reviews but it seems to be within my grasp. A quirk of the software is by default it installs in the Cantonese Chinese language, this can be fixed by simply deleting the Chinese language files after which it defaults to US English.