You can use both slots to expand your RAM. Wait time for dial tone. Back up your hard disk drive. Turn on or restart the computer. Some of these connections may result in excess electrical voltage and could cause a malfunction in the internal modem. To purchase a power cord including one for an area not listed below or a replacement AC adapter, contact your local Hewlett-Packard dealer or Sales and Service office. To Reset The Notebook To reset the notebook Occasionally, you may find that Windows or the notebook has stopped responding and will not let you turn off the notebook.

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Most cards are properly seated when the outer edge is flush with the casing of anc20493 computer, but some cards are designed to protrude from the case.

Portions of the programs that control this product may also be copyrighted by Microsoft Corporation, Phoenix Technologies, Ltd. These cosmetic imperfections may be visible under varying display conditions, and can appear as bright, dim, or dark spots.

There are no serviceable parts inside. You can control many aspects of modem operation using modem AT commands. This turns off the hard mac20493. Turn the computer upside down.

Wireless Problems If you have problems with wireless Select the modem and click Properties, and then check the volume a,c20493 on the General tab. The card may have been reset if the computer suspended or turned off.


Important DVDs can have regional codes embedded in the disc data. The level of energy emitted is far less than the electromagnetic energy emitted by wireless devices such as a,c20493 phones. On the Displays tab, bp the TV button, then set the format on the Format tab. Turns off the display and other components. Hewlett-Packard Company Product name: The label in the cartridges reads hp If you are using this drive for the first time, be sure to remove the cardboard packing a,c20493.

To use a hot key, press and hold Fn, press the appropriate second key, then release both keys. Do not interrupt the following process or unplug the AC adapter until the process is complete. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting and Maintenance In addition, HP may provide drivers for other versions of Microsoft Windows, in case you decide to install a different version of Windows.

Hewlett-packard HP AMC Hard Drive Cover Pavilion Zd | eBay

Use this port for a serial mouse, modem, printer, or other serial device. To attach a security cable Your computer includes a built-in connector you can use to secure the computer with a cable and a lock such as the Kensington MicroSaver lock system, available at many computer stores.

Set modem behavior with call waiting: By default, the infrared port is not enabled, so you must enable it before you can use it. Check the dialing options—look for duplicate digits for outside access or long distance.


To use the touch pad The touch pad includes an on-off button so you can turn off the touch pad to avoid moving the pointer accidentally, such as by touching the pad while typing.

If you are not currently connected to the Internet, the Dial-up Connection window appears. To connect to the Internet If you are connected to a wired or wireless Am2c0493 with Internet access or your computer has a modem built-in, PC Card, or externalyou can connect to the Internet. Set delay between ringbacks before modem assumes remote station is off hook 0 to 60 sec.

Compaq AMC20493-KT5 Reference Manual

Administrator Shows if an administrator password is set. Note If you plug in the AC adapter, you can continue to work while your battery recharges.

Reference Guide 93 Troubleshooting and Maintenance Reference Guide 95 Troubleshooting and Maintenance Troubleshooting Your Computer Troubleshooting Your Computer This section contains solutions to a many types of problems you might have amd20493 your computer.

Reference Information Regulatory Information Regulatory Information This section presents information that shows how your computer complies with regulations in Double-click the printer icon for the Bluetooth printer you want