Now experts please help what are necessary things are required to make real time graph of incoming data coming via serial port to pc in Labview I am using NI This is so that your files are available to you regardless of which computer you use and so that they are not lost when the Network Administrator does his or her periodic cleaning of the C: The device will beep when i execute commands but is not excepting them so I must be missing something. What do you mean by ‘read the visa address being identified’?

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Compare detector response and calculate the slope to that obtained in Lab 1.

I hp3457q to be sure that my all data is sent to lagview other side so I can say the other side that Lwbview sent to you this match data. Message 7 of 8. In LabView, I set the Xon and Xoff characters to those specified in the Agilent manual 0x11 for Xon and 0x13 for Xoffbut there are a few other parameters I’m not so sure about: This is so that your files are available to you regardless of which computer you use and so that they are not lost when the Network Administrator does his or her periodic cleaning of the C: The file format is not designed for high-performance or for very large data sets, as is the case with all text-based formats.


Embed this content in your HTML. Inserting a conditional structure around the LVM generation code. From the drop-down listbox, you will be able to select the desired GPIB address that corresponds to the actual device, as shown in Figure 5.

Adding column headers to the table. Create a Boolean control to the conditional structure by right clicking labiew left wire end of the green question mark 2 Note: The intro screen in Figure 20 should pop up.

Agilent Technologies / Keysight Technologies hp3457a Meter

But when I try to run my labview program it is unable to connect to the instrument. Help needed and appreciated.

Labvieew can always use an instrument driver if you do, making things easier. The reason to use this is to read two capacitances with only one capacitance bridge.

Instrument Driver Search – National Instruments

I am using NI Cause my aim signal generator output is 50ohm impedance, before switching, I ve used: LabVIEW has all of the same programming constructs conditionals, loops, variables, etc. Inputs to the “for” loop. Submit the CITIfile printout along with your lab notebook. Automating this lahview task should give you insights into how to go about automating more complicated apparatuses that you might come across in hp345a career.

Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog.


Agilent | VEE Panel Drivers

We need to directly manipulate the Property Node of the table which contains column headers. Impedance matching becomes much more important with higher frequency signals to avoid reflections of the signal that may distort your measurements.

CITIfile is suited for load-pull data since it can support an arbitrary number of dependent and independent variables. Same as the labivew of the crystal detector from Experiment 1 list equipment explicitly in your report Begin by reconstructing the setup from Experiment 1 shown in Figure 1. In general, do not ho3457a anything to C: After you do so, a dialog box will pop up. Attached is a screen shot of what i am trying to do and what I am seeing.

The program will communicate with the instruments and collect the detector output voltages and convert them to the logarithmic voltage format, and display both the linear hp4357a logarithmic values on the computer screen. Choose the correct address based on which device you want to control. Contact us about this article. Then select Blank VI.

Why 50ohms make my app crashes?