In this case, the N-up specification is used and CSE is ignored. Please call so we can set it up for you. Server Machine type Model 2 Feature may also be required. While IBM has made a conscious effort to provide this data with a high degree of accuracy, the actual quantities measured may vary slightly with machine configuration. With the switchable resolution, you can now print your traditional IPDS TM production datastreams, in either duplex or dual simplex, in , or dpi resolution.

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With Enhanced N-Up Page Positioning, you can place up to four pages at any location on a form — up to 8 pages on both sides of the forms in duplex system — in any orientation, and of any size.

When the Infoprunt Toner message appears, you must add toner before printing can resume. In addition, pinless roll-feed paper can be loaded for maximum efficiency and greater paper savings. Four cartridges per carton Minimum order quantity: Many Authorized Supplies Dealers offer supply agreements.

IBM InfoPrint 4000 – 324 IPM Continuous Forms Printer

Supplies are purchase-only items. To ensure that all the toner empties from the toner bottle into the toner inlet, gently tap the toner bottle while the toner feed motor is running.

Year This product is Year ready. Other dealers compete against this, so:. One belt; part number represents one belt Packaging: The Customer Changeable Developer CCD feature of the Infoprint or families of printers allows you infopfint switch from printing black duplex jobs to simplex jobs with a hi-lite colour iinfoprint the need to engage IBM Service to change developers and toner.


In addition, the new AFCCU enables host-managed paper-jam recovery through your post-processing equipment, new operator function enabling flexibility, MB of performance enabling memory, and support for adding toner while the printer is operating. The following fonts consist of twelve type faces which provide compatibility with the resident raster fonts included in the Page Printer, as well as the most common typefaces of the IBM Compatibility fonts traditionally provided in the AFP Print Services Facility products.

No Licensed Internal Code: Inoprint switch from printing production black toner applications to printing MICR checks simply by switching the developer. N-Up Page Positioning is needed for infopeint that require pages of different sizes or page positioning other than 2-up side by side.

Adding toner bottles (Infoprint )

The operator console consists of an IBM color monitor and a touch-screen input device. It also includes the extra exposure of single-pel features. The same form definition can be used for printing 1-up on 8. September 27, for Infoprint Printers. A wide range of outline font type styles in a variety of language families are also available as resident fonts on the ‘s hard disk.

Paper weight support is limited to 75 to 90 gsm 20 to 24 lb. IOR, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, same day response.

IBM InfoPrint – IPM Continuous Forms Printer

IBM recommends either the ijfoprint line” or the “reverse L” the print engines form a “L” with the operator position facing inside the “L” toward the front of both print engines. Cable Orders No cables required. With the addition of CSE, you now have several options for formatting multiple-up application pages on a single printer sheet: Planning Information Customer Responsibilities It is the customer’s responsibility to determine if IBM’s ihfoprint blue and green toner colours meet their colour matching and application needs.


Temperature and Humidity Ranges Temperature: These attachments can be: Reduce downtime associated with changing from one pre-printed form to another. Decrease the overall cost of printing by reducing the need for the costly purchasing and warehousing of pre-printed forms.

The educational allowance may not be added to any other discount or allowance. An telephone number for ordering follow-on maintenance supplies is provided with the initial shipment that arrives with the printers.


Tractorless pinless mode is only supported for duplex applications when the colour CCD is located in engine 2.

The pre- and post-processing interfaces provide added input and output capabilities beyond the standard input source and output stacker. Do not switch power off to the printer during this procedure.