Hi, you can download our application directly from our web page. You may lost the internet connection or Phonecopy. I recently reset my LG-E to its factory settings. I don’t know if it makes a difference? Hello, we detected that you performed a succesfull sync with contacts on at We have 2 Samsung phones registered, both are the same make and model. Hi, I reinstalled the app and it now works.

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Hi, when you delete items from blocked account it can take tens of minutes until your account is unlocked. In 7 days, synchronizations with your account will be disabled until you solve the issue. ibuuddy

I tried, but in somehow this does not work. Then follow our guide https: I reset my phone before some days I have checked my settings and nothing has changed from when it did perform the backups automatically.

Intex iBuddy Connect II 3G

Being root, get root access or superuser permissions is fully legal and gives you the entire control over your Android OS device as if it were you own PC. If you made backup to PhoneCopy you can restore it but we didn’t find any contacts stored in your online profile. My sms won’t sync together with my amdroid when I try to copy it to my phone from the server.


I have been into account settings Can you more specify which kind of problems? As you can see, drivers are an connech piece in Android world. Hi, sorry, but currently we don’t synchronize Call Logs.

Hi copied contacts from my samsung device to iphone and merged both data from phone and server but after synchronization lost contacts on my iphone.

The solution of your problem is ot restore contacts from Deleted Contacts folder. It will ease the ROM updating process in near future. Hi, it is a problem based on device firmware. This is ibucdy technical support of your phone.

The actual stable version 2.

Mobile software download for intex iBuddy Connect

I want to renew my Premium account, but it no longer backs up automatically. Hi, it looks you selected wrong contacts database for synchronization. In most phones there is internal feature allowing to copy contacts from SIM to phone. But when I try syncronizing it gives an error message “The number of data items for free account has been exceeded 7 days ago”. A nearly successful synch resulted in incomplete sms downloads and furthemore, androiid mobile numbers on these sms do not associate with the names in the phone directory.

When I try to create an account from the phone Phonecopy closes unexpectedly – leading to Force Close. Answered via private email. Hello, according to our records, you have never backed up any data to this PhoneCopy account.


Once all contacts are restored, sync your phone and they will be transferred back to the phone. Would appreciate if anyone could answer my concern. Really looking forward to use this software moving on, and definitely recommending androd others.

It is common for older devices. Download our latest android application and confirm prompt message when you will be asked for SMS sync.

How-To: Safely Root INTEX Ibuddy Connect INTEX_IBUDDY_CONNECT_V | One Click Root

inrex I see a lot of Oppo models in that list but it appears the F1 model is taking months. I have contacts and deleted. If you want to remove PhoneCopy contacts from your Windows Phone cellphone, do following: Hi, My account has only contacts and hence have not exceeded the free account.

Hi, what android version you have installed?