This is because ‘I can not enable the channel to the headphones of creative usb. Can you tell me more about your system, like version, kernel version? Per site policy, we are unable to accept new submissions until that problem is resolved. Then compile your kernel and boot from it to ensure the new kernel works. You can get the subversion code release.

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Mixman dm2

That should give you a message for a different offset but should succeed there isn’t much to this patch. I used apt-get to install both Mixxx and TerminatorX.

It’s nice to know this can be done in AV Linux, perhaps I’ll move this to the howto section This is my first problem. I know you have been on a mission to find mximan ‘perfect’ Linux lately So here’s the actual how-to.

So this is mkxman work log of getting it to work in linux and whatever else we end up doing with the device. Okay, here we go! Automatic something or other it’s in the readme file. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. This is because ‘I can not enable the channel to the headphones of creative usb. In short, it’s alive, but the configuration file command, it contains errors.


Hi, I’m not sure if I understand, do you mean it won’t build or won’t install? I installed MIxxx 1. We will use both. So after a quick search I find somebody who has already done most of the work maybe all of it. Join Date Oct Beans Lines and paragraphs break automatically. Sorry I didn’t see your comment earlier.

I’ve been there myself, I’m afraid AV is going to disappoint you in this regard for the time being Of course we do: Also it should be noted that I’m running Debian with the 2. Issue Lines and paragraphs break automatically. Privacy policy About Hive13 Wiki Disclaimers.

If not, please come back and leave a comment. I’m forgetting the name of the program that builds it.

mixman dm2 to use with mixxx

Odd thing is my computer seems to not even notice the device If you don’t already have the kernel source go get it now. Install the sources You’re going to need to install module-assistant before you can install the driver source package. Neither way worked for me though.


One is the imxman driver itself and the other is a patch to the kernel uhci-q. There are two ways to do this: After I’m done playing then maybe I’ll comeback to this worklog to talk about how to use midi controllers to control other things. Symlink the headers to the kernel build directory: One of these was appropriate to the current case: May 4th, 3.

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