What say you of them? Eh, I’d much rather use a controller than be stuck with one of those crappy 3rd party controllers that don’t feel good at all. Maybe taking anecdotal evidence from the last years of my gaming experience might not be the most objective way to look at this, but before the pad takeover even if a game let you use your pad of choice, it didn’t mean it was optimized to actually work properly. As far as I know, my generic controller works with DirectInput games. It’s a great game, but it plays much much better with mouse and keyboard than it does with a controller.

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Suggestions for a better subreddit Upvote well thought out posts, even if you do not agree Downvote posts that do not contribute to the discussion or are low effort Do not downvote because you disagree Report rule violations when you see them Bots are discouraged, report unhelpful bots when you see them Additionally, these types of posts must have prior consent of the moderators prior to posting: If there was more demand, it might be different. Take Halo for example, a fairly ubiquitous game though it’s clear that if anything you’re boogeuman PS3 fa, but bear with me.

I live in a 3rd world country so while publishers lower game prices, hardware manufacturers don’t lower hardware prices. I would look for an emulator for your controller if possible. Let’s aystems you then make a game based on a particular controller with particular parameters. Your bitterness at Microsoft is misdirected. Surely customization and choice is always better than monopolies?


Most modern controllers from any manufacturer will support XInput fine so it’s only an issue with older hardware. This is how I do it too.

Mouse Systems Bogeyman – joystick – wired Series

You missed my point. Then again, seeing how often my mouse buttons aren’t recognized by games is pretty good proof that most devs would rather skim over the little things. Finding a cheap controller is not difficult at all. I never even played Capsized because of this. Obviously you aren’t playing vectorman with an analog stick, and for racing, I prefer the Syetems analog stick location.

RF if you want to simulate the 90s and had a family too cheap to buy a newer TV with composite jacks.

That’s the worst bit. I think it was the perfect size for gaming and it made it portable and easy to take anywhere you could plug it in. I’m actually surprised to hear that.

Mouse Systems Bogeyman – joystick – wired Overview – CNET

What is the definitive way to play PSx games? I had the worst shaped Sidewinder controller of all time and also a wired controller.

Submit a new text post. Actually I prefer the Wii Classic to both, but not enough to go buy one. Numbers purely for example. These controllers also had shoulder buttons.

I am aware And others should be too, I think of the emulation software available and Joy2Key, and I am grateful it exists, but it is still no excuse for only supporting a single type of gamepad, much less a CONSOLE controller. Especially for ported games supporting GFWL. As a result, customers who really wanted to have their Dualshock on PC get what they want, and Sony doesn’t have to spend a dime, which is win-win.


Since they’re already making controllers, it’s trivial for them to write some driver software as a windows pack in, so they don’t even need to include it!

Think about a few scenarios, where joyetick a controller with known feedback across it’s pressure sensitive buttons, the rate of tapping a button, the amount of feedback from the hoystick in the controller, the maximum range of the analog sticks, etc. The Xbox syste,s is just better. How about fighting, platform, or JRPG games? I became irritating to constantly have to do workarounds to make it work with newer games, though. If hes being a dick downvote him where hes a dick if hes being a dick just by being a dick, not by having a different opinion then you do, since you seem upset he thinks an xbox is too much to set up, and similar remarks mostly subjective, which this subreddit promotes.

Mouse Systems Bogeyman Game Pad Free Driver Download for Windows 98, 95 () – gexe

DirectX has 2 ways of dealing with controller input. A fair, even game would be one with a standardized controller and an optimized game for it. Packaging should be the same as what is found in a retail store, unless the mluse is handmade or was packaged by the manufacturer in non-retail packaging, such as an unprinted box or plastic bag.