PayPal only please and thanks for shopping. The difference in burn time between 52x and 32x is not noticeable. I didn’t install a new copy of itunes; after all I already had the latest version. However, when burnt at 24x as the burner detects they come out error free every time. Taylor Swift fans are gonna play, play, play Facebook lays ground for ad push and payments with updated privacy policy Free advice: I wouldn’t worry about it,to tell you the truth burning at 48x’s and higher,also increases you chance for errors. Anyone tried the firmware updater after getting the drive to work with iDVD et al?

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According to Accelerate Your Mac private e-mailthis was originally reported elsewhere and ude5224 not to give full support iTunes, Finder, etc. Also, this file will allow you to burn via Disc Utils and the Finder, but not in iTunes. Skip to main content. The disk drive is slowly getting replaced by much smaller memory devices like the USB and external hard disks. I had previously upgraded it using the Powerbook Superdrive Firmware Upgrade provided bythanks to him, and activated in OS Yet I boot back in to 9 and bingo – we have burner.


Personally I would put the correct firmware back on the drive and just burn at what the drive detects as a safe speed. Dec 22, Posts: What’s New in the Forums? These are thumpin’ good cans Creaticity: I keep getting illegal blah, blah at the end of stage 4, really pissing me off.

This hint actually works. It basically knew jack about the drive, and would not even assume it to be a CD writer at all. Tue Dec 02, 8: Each external device has a unique feature, with most of them have exceptional quality.

External DVD Burners

Mon Dec 01, 4: About Users Administrators Developers. I have flashed the latest firmware. Mar 22, Posts: I thought at first that the process had failed. Someone please explain to me why this worked.

Dec 8, Posts: Not sure about buring bootable CDs tho. I also had patched Other drives on the other ATA bus do. You know this is working because the “safe speed” will become the maximum speed. Nov 14, Posts: It works for me to the degree that my drive Samsung B is recognized and disc copy will burn, but the verification will inevitably fail.


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When the disc burning is complete, it will eject automatically. PayPal only please and thanks for shopping. I’ve cleared up CD read speed issues with this utility before, so I thought I’d mention it here.

Are you running the latest updates for your version of Nero?

Do you know if you can install Nero 6 concurrently with 5. Tropicalisurf on Dec 29, ’03 Requested DVD burn speed was ode5224, actual burn speed is 8x.

Sun Nov 30, The default options should be fine.