For more information contact your Nuance Sales representative. I only have one dollar. For further details, system requirements and availability of compatible multifunctional products, and locally supported vending equipment coin, bill and card systems , please consult your local supplier. Insert a one or a five dollar bill into the bill acceptor where the green lights are flashing. This cost the college a lot of money and was also really bad for the environment. Rules based local and network printing and routing.

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You may want to label your cards so you can tell them apart. The vending machine is only set up to accept paper bills—ones and fives.

Rules based local and network printing and routing. If you need to fquitrac multiple items in one session, use the same release key for all of them. Room E.

Nuance Ethernet Card Reader

Will the Equitrac pay station take coins instead of paper money? Why do we have qeuitrac pay for printing? DS — net10 VR reader. Insert your Equitrac print card into the card reader. Print your document from any computer.


Please get in touch via web, e-mail, telephone or Fax. If you need help printing in color or with other issues, please ask for help setting the printer properties.

Pricing by page and print attributes. One dollar will buy a card, but the card comes with no value. The library does not keep that much cash. You will need an Equitrac print card to pay for your print job.

Ask at any service desk for help; sometimes library staff has change. Click here cqrd view a video that will show you how to purchase a print card. Individual country certification varies by card reader. Go to the print station and type in the release key you used.

You must add at least one dollar in value on the card to pay for printing. I only have one dollar. Transponder is supported by reader hardware but special firmware may be required to recover a unique ID or other data.

A library staff member can show you how to scan materials to your USB drive. The value will be added to the card.


This equittrac the college a lot of money and was also really bad for the environment. Related Links Contact Us Need more assistance? Support for network account deposit units. Please contact your Nuance Sales representative for a full list. The system will calculate your costs.

Equitrac® ID Card Reader Product Specs

Equitrac Express Precision tools to help monitor, manage and recover document output costs securely and flexibly. How to Print for the First Time: But the Business Office rearer often give change. Summary, detailed and total activity reports. Scheduled reports with multiple export options. About Nuance Communications, Inc.

Press D on the keypad to eject your card.