You may need to reboot your computer for the new settings to take effect. If you need to remap the buttons due to mobility issues, read on Open up a Terminal. A wrist support may be used to position the hand at a neutral angle relative to the arm to further reduce wrist discomfort. View LQ Wiki Contributions. Or change the wheel up action to be right click.

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The extension will be listed as software from Jack Lo the creator. Identify your mouse First, find the exact name of your, and copy it somewhere for later use: Your email address will not be published.

Evoluent Mouse with Ubuntu 11.04 and 11.10

The company’s web site says “No linnux supplied, but 5 buttons work with default system support in XFree. VM3 wireless is compatible with Unix, but VM3 wired is not. Unplug VerticalMouse 4 when the computer is on.

Wake — wake the computer from standby. Later VM4 logos may be turned off this way: Each button has a number. The mouse surface must be completely lnux for proper tracking. Although informative, I am not conversant with Ubuntu command lines. Evoluent Mouse Manager for Mac driver may optionally be installed to program the buttons.

Scroll Wheel Clicking Scrolling with the wheel makes a really loud clicking sound. Remapping the buttons is slightly trickier, however. Thanks for the instructions. Connect the mouse Make sure your computer is switched on.


Evoluent Mouse with Ubuntu and | vet epi

How can I get 3 buttons to work on my Evoluent mouse? With the 2nd generation mouse there was no clicking. I’ll show you a permanent way to re-order the buttons further down the page.

So, if you want your index finger to be the wheel-click, and all other buttons to stay the same, the command is xinput set-button-map “Evoluent VerticalMouse 4” 9 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 I like to have my thumb be the clicker, the wheel click paste, my ring finger right click, the index finger and little finger do nothing.

Review: Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4 (and how to make it work in Ubuntu) – Terence Eden’s Blog

The “Lazy Way” – xinput We can use xinput to set which buttons do what. I doubt it’s much of a power drain, but it’s the sort of thing that might get a bit annoying in the dark. There are a vast number of reviews on the Evoluent websiteincluding this one: Activate multi-touch on Elantech touchpad January 23, For example, in this situation I want button 10 lower thumb button to act like it is the standard button 8 which evoluebt Thumb1.

I was wondering if anyone else faced the similar issue.


The third generation lightly clicks as you scroll. So to just remap the lower thumb button to go “back”, you’d use the mapping “”1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 0 9 11 12 13 14”. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! I’m a big fan of the Evoluent Mouse rangeand I’ve agreed to publish this Linux guide in return for a review sample.

The list of buttons and what they are mapped to can be seen with replacing 11 with you mouse ID you got above: Wheel button — middle click pan and rotate in some programs. Pointer sluggish or moving randomly in response to mouse movement The mouse is probably on a reflective surface. The advantage is that you can use a high-speed mouse so you don’t have to move your wrist or arm very far as you go from one end of the screen to the other.

You should see a list of input devices – keyboards, mice, laptop buttons – this is what mine looks like. ButtonPress event, serial 36, synthetic NO, window 0x3c, root 0x, subw 0x3c, time44,38root: