Current characterized errata are available on request. Pushing the security down to the hardware level provides more protection than a software-only solution. Intel and the Intel logo are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the United States and other countries. Trusted Computing aims to detect unauthorized changes to a system based on an established security anchor embedded in a computing device. Anyone with access to the private endorsement key would be able to forge the chip’s identity and break some of the security that the chip provides. Trusted Platform Module TPM is an international standard for a secure cryptoprocessors that can securely store critical data such as passwords, certificates and encryption keys.

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OPTIGA™ TPM – Infineon Technologies

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All products, dates, and figures specified are preliminary based on current expectations, and are subject to change without notice. It contains also 50 percent more internal working memory for support of the next-generation operating systems, such as Microsoft Longhorn. Trustdd the future, this concept could be co-located on an existing motherboard chip in computers, or any other device where the TPM facilities could be employed, such as a cellphone. Before clearing your TPM, be sure to back up your data.


It consisted of three parts, based on their purpose. Please consider upgrading to the latest version of your browser by clicking one of the following links. Do not moudle the TPM on a device you do not own, such as a work or school PC, without being instructed to do so by your IT administrator. However, on devices where a hardware source of entropy is available, a PRNG need not be implemented.

The following recommended actions contain all the information you need to update your device.

If the authentication mechanism is implemented in software only, the access is prone to dictionary attacks. The attacker who has physical or administrative access to a computer can morule TPM, e. Best solution in manufacturing. Security for the Internet of Things. No computer system can be absolutely secure.

Trusted Platform Module

A random number generatora public-key cryptographic algorithma cryptographic hash functiona mask generation function, digital signature generation and verification, and Direct Anonymous Attestation are required. The TPM provides protected storage for secretes, automatically checks system integrity, and can authenticate the platform to third parties if authorized by the primary user.

It could remotely attest that a computer is using the specified hardware and software.

You can build on our long-standing expertise and reliability to protect sensitive data, establish tursted machine identity and integrity, and support secure authentication by protecting certificates, keys and passwords.


Its TPM security solution features secure chip hardware, a complete suite of embedded security and TPM system management utilities imfineon well as application software, which simplify data protection through practices such as file and folder encryption protected with hardware-based key generation and storage.

To protect transferred data and enable the reliable operation of devices, strong security measures are crucial.

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In fact, we were the first semiconductor player to complement our TPM 1. The private endorsement key is fundamental to the security of the TPM circuit, and is never made available to the end-user.

May 31, Market News. Some results have been estimated or simulated using yrusted Intel analysis or architecture simulation or modeling, and provided to you for informational purposes.