Wednesday, April 1, Airodump-ng with native wireless driver on Windows. I need it to inject packets, so I run search in google to check it it’s supports packet injection, but couldn’t find any relevant result. Contact Us Legal Privacy and cookies. Is this a security question? Sign up using Facebook.

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Anonymous April 2, at 7: I’ve been trying to follow the instructions on the compatibility site of the documentation http: What OS is Kali based off of, www. Every time that I tried to open the driver is telling me Invalid torrent file!

For your future video screen recording on windows you might try: Backtrack and Blackbuntu are worth using for that purpose though. If I come up with any way to get injection support, I’ll post the link here. Aircrafk ‘can’ probably be put on SF but someone over there is going to say it has to go here.

I believe you can still use the aircrack suite without packet injection, although tasks will take longer to complete. Tim Alexander 1, 5 15 As said earlier, could use some help figuring out if I need any driver patches for additional features. Unfortunately, I don’t think a work-around could help me, as I am trying to use the Aircrack suite in Backtrack 4, and injection capability is a must.


I am using Broadcom You wici to make sure that your kernel configuration includes these options. If your wireless card isn’t listed, inrel means the adapter is disabled and you’ll have to enable it and restart the application Right click on “My Network Place” then select “Properties”.

Anonymous April 1, at 7: DaLooK April 1, at 5: I’m sorry, I had to filter out some comments aitcrack this april fool. Windows 7 and Intel WiFi Link I’ve been having issues with my laptop and its wifi card for the past couple of months.


Anonymous February 8, at 1: Anonymous April 1, at 2: RobotHumans 1 Anonymous April 6, at 1: Guys make some mirrors Intel Ok, thanks.

Once you figure out which one you need you can install it in Ubuntu.

It’s an Intel WiFi Link and my xircrack just randomly stops working, other computers and devices still work fine, but on aircfack computer I cannot browse aircrwck internet however sometimes downloads don’t stop for Your distribution, especially if it uses some kind of advanced package managing Debian, Ubuntu, etc.


Intel Wifi Link AGN wireless adapter not recognized I have a Gateway FX series 17″ laptop and yesterday when I got home from university and took the computer out of my bag to start working, the wireless card just didnt exist, no networks were recognized and when i tried to troubleshoot it told me that no device was connected.

Anonymous April 1, at 1: Anonymous January 15, at I hope that’s what your aircradk is. The card is Intel Centrino Advanced N Just FYI, this method is only useful when airmon-ng displays ‘Unknown’ for the chipset.

Drivers Windows 7 and Intel WiFi Link I’ve been having issues with my laptop and its wifi card for the past couple of months. Anonymous July 3, at 6: The mon0 interface can be used for both listening with airodump-ng and injecting with aireplay-ng.